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Practice: Add a Text Template

Page history last edited by Jennifer Phegley 9 years, 10 months ago

* * * * * Please note: This page is a work in progress * * * * *

Below is a form you can use to add material to this site. If you type your information in place of the material in color, for example, then yours will also show up in those colors. Please delete all directions when you are done with each section.  Please remove the "work in progress" tag above only when your page is complete.


CITATION. (assuming you have used the title of your document as the title of your page, put the full citation for the source here.)



TEXT/IMAGE. (insert your text or image here.)


Notes on the Text


Use this space to provide glosses of key words, historical concepts, proper names, or other terms that will need definitions for a modern reader. For ease of reading, we recommend that you format them as follows:


Term (bold face): definition (single-spaced, with an extra space before the next term/definition)


Term: definition


and so on.


Commentary on the Text



Use this space to include your essay, analysis and/or commentary on the text. Your instructor will probably have specific directions about the kinds of information you need to include here.



Works Cited


Provide complete citations of all works you have referenced in the process of writing your glosses and commentary. Format properly in full bibliographic citations.


Example: Bursyn, Joan N. Victorian Education and the Ideal of Womanhood. New Jersey: Croom Helm Ltd, 1980



Example: Vincent, Leon H. “Erasmus Darwin on Boarding-Schools”. Peabody Journal of Education Jul. 1932: 37-44



Project Group Members

Project Completed: (insert semester and year)



Member Name












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