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Victorian texts added to this page should NOT be fiction, poetry, or drama. There are many useful sites that are providing full-texts of literature, and the storage space of this wiki is not sufficient for these types of texts to be added here. Instead, texts on this page should be texts ABOUT literature: book reviews, essays in periodicals on literary trends, Letters to the Editor commenting on a particular literary text or public appearance by a literary figure, letters or journal entries of famous authors...and so on.


To make this process easier, the Directions for Adding Pages to this site will open in a second window of your browser.  In brief, you will have to both create the page and properly archive it so that you, your teacher, your peers, and others who come to use this site, can locate it again.  Please follow the directions carefully.


Literature Table of Contents


"A Witches' Ladder." Abraham Colles Author, The Folk-Lore Journal, 5.1 (1887) 1-5.


Caroline Norton: A Message of Motherhood. Lewandowski, Emilie. 2009.

Norton, Caroline. Caroline Norton's Defense. English Laws for Women in the Nineteenth Century. Chicago: Academy Chicago, 1982.

Frampton, Sir George. Mother and Child.


"The Ending of Villette." Harper's Bazaar 23 Dec. 1876: 820.


"Other 'Girls of the Period'." Fern, Fanny. Reynold's Miscellany of Romance, General Literature, Science and Art. 189 (March 1869): 832.


Jane Eyre and Governesses (this page contains three items, listed below)

["Rev. of Jane Eyre: an Autobiography, by Currer Bell."] Littell's Living Age 17.213 (June 1848): 481-487.

"College for Governesses." Punch, or the London Charivari 13 (1847): 131.

"A Model Governess." Punch, or the London Charivari 14 (1848): 51.


The Argosy: The Sensation Novel


["Review of Thomas De Quincey's "Confessions of an English Opium-Eater"]. W. Phillips. The North American Review 18.42 (Jan 1824): 90-98.

Wit and Wisdom of George Eliot, with a Biographical Memoir.  Boston:  Roberts Brothers, 1882.  Print.  



Useful Literature-Related Links


This is a great place to put links to sites that offer full-texts of literature. ''Please use this space to add links to other sites that focus on Victorian literature in particular. Use the Victorian Studies Websites page to link to pages that offer many different types of content''.


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