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Gender and Sexuality

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Victorian texts added to this page might include non-fiction pieces, cartoons, or illustrations that focus on gender norms, fallen women, sexuality, legal status of women...and so on. If you think that the texts you add might usefully be cross-listed on other pages (such as the Art, Domesticity, or Laws pages), please feel free to create a title link to your page in multiple categories.


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Gender and Sexuality Table of Contents


Sample Format

"Title," Sally M. Author, Original Place of Publication, volume.issue number (date): page numbers.


"A Witches' Ladder."  Abraham Colles Author, The Folk-Lore Journal, 5.1 (1887) 1-5.


Boulton and Park: The Times of London, Issue 26744: col E; pg. 9 (May 07, 1870).


Crinoline and its Victims


Factory Conditions for Women, Children's Employment Commissions Report, 1842-1843.


Female Immorality-Its Causes and Remedies Littell's Living Age published 2 June 1849: 385-392. Originally from the English Review 1848.


Governess, Companion and Housekeeper Ads from The Times of London (1845-1847)


Hannah Cullwick (1833-1909): For the Love of a Man [photographs of Hannah Cullwick, taken by Arthur Munby]


Jane Eyre and Governesses (this page contains three items, listed below)

    ["Rev. of Jane Eyre: an Autobiography, by Currer Bell."] Littell's Living Age 17.213 (June 1848): 481-487.

    "College for Governesses." Punch, or the London Charivari 13 (1847): 131.

    "A Model Governess." Punch, or the London Charivari 14 (1848): 51. 


"Mary Magdalene In the Cave" [Painting by: Jules Joseph Lefebvre. Poto courtesy of: www.1st-art-gallery.com] 


Mrs Warren's Profession visual image project: Shaw, Bernard. Mrs. Warren’s Profession. Ed. L.W. Conolly. Ontario: Broadview Press,

      2005. Photo found on http://www.umbc.edu/history/CHE/InstPg/RitDop/dore4.jpg


"On the Excessive Influence of Women" Temple Bar: A London Magazine for Town and Country Readers. 49. (1877): 213-221.


"Passage to Australia." Examiner 1667 1840. 30. British Periodicals. Web. 16 Oct 2010.


 “Prostitution of Young Females in London.”  Lloyd's Weekly London Newspaper.(London, England), Sunday, May 26, 1844; 79


Property Rights and Civil Rights : Married Women's Bill from The Times of London, Tuesday May 30, 1854, p. 12 co. 4 AND "Rights or Wrongs" from Punch, Feb. 9, 1878, p. 53


"Sisters of Misery" Punch, or the London Charivari. Vol. XV, 1849: 78.


"Some Thoughts on the Woman Question," Margaret Todd. Blackwoods Magazine 156 (November 1894): 689-692.


The After-Careers of University-Educated Women, Gordon, Alice M., Nineteenth Century, vol. 37, (1895): 955.


"The Modern Revolt," Eliza Lynn Linton, MacMillan's Magazine 23 (December 1870): 142-149.


Throne of Thunder, The The, Mary Kingsley, Littell's Living Age, 209 (June 6, 1896): 623-635.


"Touching Reciprocity Between Husband and Wife," Punch Magazine, July 12, 1890.


“Vagabond, Common Prostitute, Prostitute,” John D. Lawson, The Adjudged Cases on Defenses to Crime. Vol. IV. Including Special Defenses to Crimes Against the Public. San Francisco: Bancroft-Whitney, 1887. Pg. 800.


Women and Infanticide, Letter to the Editor from The Times of London, published August 10, 1865: p.  


"Women's Emancipation"Originally published in Punch. Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 3, Aug. 1851


Women's Rights Punch, or The London Charivari.  (1874): 71.


Women's Rights and Marriage


Women's Suffrage: A Series of Articles from the 1870 issue of Punch's Almanac


Women and Habitual Drunkenness ...


Ernest M. Pollock; A. M. Latter  Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation, New Ser., Vol. 2, No. 2. (1900), pp. 289-293.



"Work for Woman". Punch. Vol. 38. 1860: 20. 





This is a great place to put links to sites related to Victorian ideals, norms, or moments of resistance to commonplaces about gender and sexuality. ''Please use the Victorian Studies Websites page to link to pages that offer many different types of content''.




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