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Victorian texts added to this page might include excerpts from housekeeping guides, essays on household life in periodicals...and so on.


To make this process easier, the Directions for Adding Pages to this site will open in a second window of your browser.  In brief, you will have to both create the page and properly archive it so that you, your teacher, your peers, and others who come to use this site, can locate it again.  Please follow the directions carefully.


                Domesticity Table of Contents


Sample Format

"Title," Sally M. Author, Original Place of Publication, volume.issue number (date): page numbers.


George du Maurier: The Last Straw image drawn in 1897 and displayed in Punch.

Governess, Companion and Housekeeper Ads from The Times of London (1845-1847)

"Horniman's Tea". National Review, 32, April 1863, p.529. 

 Little Girls Come Out To Play," no author, Englishwomens Review, Punch Magazine XXXVIII (Oct 10, 1857): pg. 153.

Visual Images of Miss Marjoribanks

Women's Rights  Punch, or the London Charivari.  (1874): 71.



                Useful Domesticity-Related Links


This is a great place to put links to sites that offer full-texts or information specifically related to domesticity.  Please use the Victorian Studies Websites page to link to pages that offer many different types of content


Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management (full-text)



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