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Victorian texts on this page should be about British colonial projects: newspaper or periodical articles, Letters to the Editor commenting on particular events (such as the "Jamaica Rebellion"), cartoons or illustrations related to colonialism...and so on. Please do not post full-texts of fiction or drama set in a colonial context to this page (short poems are fine), as the storage space of this wiki is not sufficient for these types of texts to be added here.


To add a text to this page, please place it in the correct spot in the alphabetical list of titles below, and make the title only a link to a new page. In using the "Link" function, be sure to choose "Wiki Page" and "New Page." (Please note: the Table of Contents is alphabetized by title because so many essays in Victorian periodicals were unsigned that many times the authors may be unknown.)


Once you've saved the title link, you will need to click on the link itself to build the page. Be sure to choose the "Add a Text" template when you first build a page, in order to have all the functions you'll want on your page. Once you save your page title using that template, you'll be on your way!


Colonialism Table of Contents


Sample Format

"Title," Sally M. Author, Original Place of Publication, volume.issue number (date): page numbers.

" The Gypsies Of Ceylon ," The London Times, April 23, 1889

Sacred Graves

Throne of Thunder, The, Mary Kingsley, Littell's Living Age, 209 (June 6, 1896): 623-635.

“Where Does it All Come From” Punch. XIV: January – June 1848, 66.




Useful Colonialism-Related Links


This is a great place to put links to sites that offer full-texts of colonial literature or documents related to British colonial projects. Please u''se the Victorian Studies Websites page to link to pages that offer many different types of content''.


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